Emmy Picks #7 (Guest Actress in a Drama Series)

On September 18th, the winners of the this years Emmy Awards will be announced, which means I have about 50 days to watch episode submissions, make predictions and, most importantly, decide who I think deserves to win this year. I will be doing this by watching the episodes the actors decide to submit this year, even if I’m not familiar with the show yet. Sometimes, though, I’ll be biased a choose an actor I like, even if I don’t necessarily thinkthey submitted right. But, so far, after a quick scan through, most of the submissions from the shows I watch seem good enough.


Back to drama. Here are the nominees (and episode submissions) of the guest actresses in drama series:

Cara Buono – Mad Men (“Chinese Wall”)

Joan Cusack – Shameless (“Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father”)

Loretta Devine – Grey’s Anatomy (“This is How We Do it”)

Randee Heller – Mad Men (“The Beautiful Girls”)

Mary McDonnell – The Closer (“Help Wanted”)

Julia Stiles – Dexter (“In The Beginning”)

Alfre Woodard – True Blood (“Night on the Sun”)

These are the only episodes of “Shameless”, “The Closer”, “Dexter” and “True Blood” I have seen.

Should Win: Overall, all these actresses were really good…despite the fact that, besides Julia Stiles, they all have very little screen time in their episodes. Randee Heller has maybe 5 lines in her episode before her character dies at about the 20 minute mark. I’m not saying a nomination isn’t deserved…but the nomination should be the award here. Alfre Woodard did what she always does. But, this time, it’s not Emmy worthy. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was only watching True Blood to review her performance, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to her. Joan Cusack is very adorable and funny in her episode about a woman who is afraid to exit her house. And despite the fact that Mary McDonnell’s performance isn’t as flashy as some of the others in her episode, she still has a cool subtlety I found refreshing.

But the other ladies make my top three. Cara Buono chose an episode where she has one big scene…but it’s an amazing one scene and I was very pleased and surprised she received a nom. The battle between Julie Stiles and Loretta Devine really got me. Julia Stiles had a season long arc. She has many scenes in the episode she submitted. Loretta Devine’s arc during the season of Grey’s Anatomy only lasted a few episodes, and she only has about 3 scenes in her episode. However, the scene when her character finds out she has Alzheimers is so beautiful and just amazingly acted. She gives one of the best performances I have seen on the show, and I was thrilled to see her unexpectedly nominated. Julia Stiles big scene where she finally kills her rapist was haunting too. I would be so happy and proud if my little Save the Last Dance girl got a well deserved Emmy. However, my heart is rooting for Loretta Devine, because she brings so much power and emotion in her little screen time.

Will Win: But, like I mentioned earlier, a Julia Stiles defeat would be deserved and I think since the voters decided not to give nominations to any actresses from Law & Order: SVU, I think Stiles is the clear one to beat!

Guest actors are on their way!

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